Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Is the BMW i8 Concept?

The BMW i8 concept is the next step in the evolution of the BMW autos. The initial testing of the concept has already been carried out. This is also part of the "Project i" of the BMW, which will release state-of-the-art automobiles for various types of drivers. Unlike the i3, the i8 is for sports car fanatics who want more innovation.

The i3 concept lends its modified electric dive system to the i8 concept, which takes the game further with its engine that presents 220 hp and 300 Nm torque. The powerful engine provides incredible performance for a sports car, but the fuel consumption is similar to that of a smaller vehicle. It has a very fast acceleration, so quick, in fact, that the car's speed can go to 62 mph from 0 in just 5 seconds. The fuel consumption is also at a remarkable rate at with 3 liters consumed for every 100 kilometers. This means that the i8 has a much better efficiency than the cars today with the same performance.

The battery is lithium-ion and can be charged by plugging it to a power supply. This is much like in the i3 concept. Without fuel, the BMW i8 can travel for about 20 miles.

BMW's Project i features the LifeDrive architecture, and in the case of the i8, the LifeDrive design enhances its sports car nature. The result is a superior performance on the road and amazing dynamics. The BMW i8 is powered by the motor in the front axle section and the combustion engine in the rear area. An energy tunnel covers the battery. This energy tunnel also connects the motor and the combustion engine. The arrangement of these parts gives the automobile a low center of gravity, which gives cars a greater stability.

As you can see on the published BMW i8 pictures, the sports car comes with a dynamic design on its exterior. However, its dynamic features are not just external. The interior is said to offer space for four people, including the driver.

BMW says that their new sports car offers an emotional, sustainable, and unique driving experience. People could understand that with the amount of advanced features present, the i8 would definitely be in for the thrill of road racers. But the "emotional" tag inspires curiosity. On the other hand, the eco-friendly features give the car sustainability.

The balance of technology and art gives the car an incredible performance and attractive appearance. The exterior appearance of the car even at rest may attract even people not inclined to sports cars. The transparent roof and doors of the vehicle gives an illusion of lightness, while the short front and rear projections highlight that "sports car impression."

If you look at side view BMW i8 pictures, you will see a streamlined appearance. The side is designed to give a smooth stream flow look that gives an illusion of forward motion even when at rest. The doors are designed to turn upwards. They open out from the sills near the rear. This is part of the modern touch of the i8 concept.

The BMW i3 concept features a purely horizontal configuration, but the i8 concept abandons this arrangement. Instead, the i8 LifeDrive architecture features vertical layering. Keep in mind that the i8 is still a concept until its release in late 2013.

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